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Privacy Notice

In our online store you know that you are concerned about how you can access and share information about you. We appreciate your confidence and hope that you trust our personal information about our services and our security. This notice mentions the Privacy Policy. By visiting our online store, you agree to the policies described in this Privacy Statement.

What personal customer information is collected from our online store? The information we collect from our customers helps us to shape and continually improve the online shopping experience. The information we collect

Information you provided. We will receive and save the information you provide on our website or in any other way. You can choose not to provide information, but you will not be able to use many features. We use your information to meet your requirements, complete orders, modify your future purchases, improve your store, and communicate with you.

E Post Communication: In order to help our email more efficiently, improve your service and your shopping experience, we sometimes send out our services and products, change notifications and order confirmation.

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We respect your privacy and thank you for your business. At any time we do not provide your account contact or payment information provided in third-party suppliers, subsidiaries, or service providers if it is not absolutely necessary to carry out the transaction and order.

If you decide to visit our online store, your disputes regarding your visit and privacy are subject to this statement and our terms, such as the national laws of the local country, apply for restriction restriction, arbitration and arbitration. If you are concerned about the privacy of your personal information, collect us on our website, give us a full description, click on "contact us", in the left menu if you want, we will try to resolve this issue.

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